Blue Bunny’s Monster Cookie Review

It’s a dark and stormy night as I write this. Perfect for discussing monsters. Well monster cookie ice cream.

Blue Bunny Monster Cookie Ice Cream Review

The ice cream appears to be part of their “cookie creations” line which also includes their White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.

Blue Bunny Monster Cookie Ice Cream Review

This ice cream was a real winner in my book. The standouts were the flavorful yet not overpowering peanut butter ice cream and the soft oatmeal cookie pieces.

Blue Bunny Monster Cookie Ice Cream Review

The peanut butter ice cream took me by surprise. I expected vanilla ice cream base with cookie pieces.  The peanut butter was unexpected and delightful. Blue Bunny also  took it to the next level with a fudge ribbon swirl. Even if you didn’t get a cookie bite, the chocolate/peanut butter combo worked flawlessly together.

Blue Bunny Monster Cookie Ice Cream Review

Bad lighting!

Now down to the cookies. First kudos to Blue Bunny for the all the cookie pieces. Sometimes I have issue with lack of mix-ins with Blue Bunny, but this one had abundant cookies! They came in both chunks and smears of cookie mixtures. They were well dispersed throughout the tub. The cookies had little faux M&Ms in them that added little beacons of color to search for in the ice cream. Each cookie bite immediately resonated as oatmeal cookie. Sometimes, cookie dough in ice cream comes across as just gritty and sugary, but the oatmeal cookie stayed true to it’s roots and was soft and chewy.

Overall: A

UFOs & Moon Pies


These Unidentified Frozen Objects have been hovering around my stratosphere for a few years now. I’d first tried this delectable frozen confection from a Los Angeles ice cream truck. Whenever I visit LA, I stock up and eat 5 on each trip. On my most recent trip to NYC,  I scanned every ice cream truck in site for a glimpse of the UFO symbol. But no luck.

Right after I’d gotten back, they had a special section at our local grocery, Hyvee. I literally bought about 15 of these NorthStar Treats.

NorthStar UFO Ice Cream Sandwiches

For those unfamiliar, UFO’s have vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two graham crackers and dipped in milk chocolate.

NorthStar UFO Ice Cream Sandwiches

The North Star Moonpie which may sound more familiar is the same thing, except marshmallow ice cream. I’ve tried both, and they are really similar.

NorthStar UFO Ice Cream Sandwiches

The best part about this dessert is the chocolate and graham cracker combination with the absence of marshmallow. I love smores and marshmallows, but I find artificial versions lack the toasted flavor aspect. The quality chocolate shell set this ice cream sandwich apart from the rest. The shell is thin enough to crackle in the right spots for easy eating, but thick enough to give each bite creamy chocolate flavor. The graham cracker was tender and not to dry. The chocolate shell hold in the ice cream and cookie without spilling out and creating a mess.

Hope to see these stick around!


Three Twins Ice Cream- Bittersweet Chocolate

Three Twins Ice Cream Bittersweet Chocolate

I’m venturing into organic ice cream! Three Twins Ice Cream is the fluffiest ice cream I’ve ever had. I guess that’s the result of ‘organic’ ingredients.

Three Twins Ice Cream Bittersweet Chocolate

Seriously, it was so light and airy, it was like they had churned air into each ounce. Even the pint felt lighter!

Three Twins Ice Cream Bittersweet Chocolate

I was interested to in the “bittersweet” part of the flavoring, but unfortunately it just tasted like sweet chocolate to me. Interesting fact: The bittersweet chocolate has as much as their Madagascar Vanilla ice cream! Bottom line, I seriously could not get past the fluffiness of this ice cream. I’d say it was closer to a cold chocolate mousse than an ice cream. I like my ice creams thicker, so it wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea. However, it would make a good base for a milkshake or sundae!




Steve’s NOLA Iced Donuts and Coffee Ice Cream

I finally got to try Steve’s Ice Cream! . I was immediately drawn to the NOLA Donuts and Coffee Ice Cream. It’s amazing! It’s part of the Steve’s Southern Collection which also includes: Coconut Key Lime Pie, Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla, and Southern Banana Pudding.

Steve's Ice Cream Coffee & Donuts

The base coffee ice cream tasted like Vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk. It was super lush and creamy, very thick and heavy coffee ice cream.

Steve's Ice Cream Coffee & Donuts

The doughnut pieces were evenly distributed and good sized.  It was just a plain cake donut, delicious in it’s simplicity.

Steve's Ice Cream Coffee & Donuts

Overall: A for quality, A for donuts and A for Ingenious combination.

Steve's Ice Cream Coffee & Donuts

Definitely must try for coffee fanatics, it really pushes the edge of coffee ice cream as we know it!

Big Gay Ice Cream Trip

Big Gay Ice Cream

We had dinner at Casa (Brazilian food) and wandered over to Big Gay Ice Cream. And by wandered, I mean made a bee-line :)

Big Gay Ice Cream Flavors

So many cone options! I love that they keep the soft serve simple with chocolate & vanilla but have some crazy extra toppings and cones.

Big Gay Ice Cream Flavors Big Gay Ice Cream Biscoff Waffle

Omg Biscoff Waffle Cone!!! I knew I was in the right place when I saw this. I tried Biscoff cookies on a Delta Airline and been addicted to the cookies and spooning the spread straight out of the jar ever since!

Big Gay Ice Cream Big Gay Ice Cream Salty Pimp

The Salty Pimp! I loved that they ground salt onto it!

Big Gay Ice Cream American Globs

American Globs: Love the pretzel chunks! Big Gay Ice Cream Sprinkles

Chocolate dipped cone with sprinkles (my sister got this one, bleck sprinkles)

Big Gay Ice Cream American GlobsInside of American Globs: Very globy.